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Dog Training & Pet Concierge

My Philosophy

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We believe that the first consultation should always be FREE! This is where We meet you & your pet and you meet us.  It is an important appointment that sets the stage for success and we want that to be open & stress free.  We begin training with the "Basic 7".  These skills are the foundation of ANY training.  Mastering these skills are the steps to living a happy, stress free, life with your dog.  

  • SIT

  • DOWN


  • STAY

  • COME


  • OFF


I believe that these skills are the foundation for more complex training with your dog.  They make it enjoyable to take a field trip to the dog park, take a relaxing walk, or even go to the vet.   

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What clients say

"Simply The Best"

Shelley is quite simply the best. Her amazing knowledge and pure love of dogs shine in every lesson. She is wonderfully flexible, taking into account where both the dog and the human are at and will shift on a dime to make it the best experience for both. I've done dog training multiple times before but never like Shelley does it, with an individually tailored "Zen dog" approach. You may find someone cheaper (although given all the extra free time she puts in, I doubt it); you will most certainly not find anyone better.

"Fun for dogs & people"

"I Trust Her"

Shelley is the best dog trainer ever! We've been working with her for several months and the change in our 2 rescue mini-schnauzers is remarkable. She understands dogs and people and puts together an individualized training program. We've trained at our house, at the mall, at the dog park, at the vet, and at other locations. And she makes it fun for dogs and people. Thank you Shelley.


Shelley is very knowledgeable about animal behavior and training. I trust her completely with my dogs!


"Wealth of Knowledge"

Shelley is great. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and was able to help us make walking our dog reactive beagle much easier and more enjoyable.



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